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Cadillac 1923 - Cadillac Details of Construction Type 61

Cadillac Motor Car Co

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Cadillac 1923 - Cadillac Details of Construction Type 61

36 page all new reprint; digitally restored from the original source and printed on high quality 8.5" x 11", 32#, 97 bright acid free paper in Color, assembled into an individual item that is folded and stapled, or heat bonded with an adhesive fabric binding.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 36
  • Cadillac 1923 - Cadillac Details of Construction
  • Cadillac Motor Car Co
  • Cadillac Details of Construction Type 61
  • Main Plant Cadillac Motor Car Company, Detroit Image
  • Cadillac Detail of Construction
  • Cadillac Type 61 Power Plant
  • Impulses Frequent
  • Light Reciprocating Parts
  • Higher Engine Speed
  • High Compression - High Efficiency
  • Short, Engine, Roomy Body
  • Crankshaft and Camshafts – Four Cylinder Construction
  • Clean Valve Channel Very Accessible
  • Crankshaft, Short Shaft – Large Bearings
  • Crankshaft Assembly with Pistons Image
  • Connecting Rods, Sectional View of Piston
  • Pistons, Sectional View of Crankcase
  • Crankcase, Cylinder Blocks
  • Side View of Engine, Showing Detachable Head removed from Right Hand Cylinder Block
  • Detachable Heads, Valve System
  • Sectional View Through Intake Valves, Showing Details of Valve System
  • Fuel System, Gasoline Tank, Tank Holds 20 Gallons
  • Fuel Supply is Positive’ Fuel Strained
  • Schematic Diagram of Fuel System
  • Carburetor Cadillac Designed and Built
  • Sectional View of Carburetor
  • Throttle Pump for Quick Acceleration
  • Exhaust Head Intake
  • Intake Header is Heated Direct from Exhaust Manifolds
  • The Exhaust System, Two Manifolds – Two Mufflers
  • Timing Chain Adjustment
  • Timing Chain Adjustment Showing Parts and How They Function
  • Operation, Universal Drive
  • The Ignition System, Simple – Reliable
  • Elements of Ignition System Image
  • Type 61 Illustration Image
  • Double Set of Contact Points
  • Automatic Spark Control
  • Timer, Distributor, Condenser and Resistance form One Easily Accessible Unit
  • The Cooling System, Two Pumps
  • Water Pump Assembly Image
  • Thermostatic Control, Radiator Construction
  • Condenser Holds Water Solution
  • The Engine Lubrication System
  • Pressure Circulating System
  • Gear Pump, Leads to All Bearings
  • Hollow Crankshaft, Pressure Regulated
  • Valve Lubrication
  • Lubrication System in Perspective Image
  • The Starting and Lighting System
  • Starting, Lighting, and Ignition Cadillac-Delco
  • Phantom View of Starting System Image
  • Single Unit, Single Wire System
  • Motor Generator, The Storage Battery
  • Cadillac Headlamps
  • Sectional View of Headlamp Image
  • The Lamps and Horn
  • The Power transmission, Clutch
  • One of Eight Clutch Driving Disc Image
  • Gearset
  • Sectional View of Clutch and Gearset
  • Propeller Shaft, The Rear Axle
  • Forward Universal Joint is Telescopic Image
  • Full Floating Rear Axle with Helical Bevel Driving Gears & Adjustable Taper Roller Bearings Image
  • Framing & Running Gear, The Wheels
  • Frame with Five Cross Members & Sidebars Image
  • The Front Axle, The Steering System
  • Steering System Illustration Image
  • The Spring System
  • Semi-Elliptic Spring Construction in Front and Three Quarter Platform Suspension at Rear
  • The Braking System, Braking System Image
  • Specifications in Brief – Type 61 Cadillac Eight Cylinder Chassis