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Rolls Royce 1923 - Ten Years in a Day

Rolls Royce Ltd

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Rolls Royce 1923 - Ten Years in a Day

16 page all new reprint; digitally restored from the original source and printed on high quality 8.5" x 11", 32#, 97 bright acid free paper in Color, assembled into an individual item that is folded and stapled, or heat bonded with an adhesive fabric binding.

Contents - Index:

  • Pages: 16
  • Rolls Royce 1923 - Ten Years in a Day
  • Rolls Royce Ltd
  • Ten Years in a Day - A Description of the Rolls-Royce Bumping Test ~
  • The Rolls-Royce Bumping Test Machine at Derby, England Image
  • A Remarkable Story Now Told For The First Time
  • A Story Never Told Before
  • One of the great lessons of the bump test was to show that ordinary rivets were useless.
  • The Machine that Re-Designed the Rolls-Royce
  • Image of the Frame's Tubular Cross Member and Front Diagonal Brace
  • This view of the rear construction shows how a great many bolts are used to secure the important parts.
  • The unique radiator suspension is one of the many details developed by the bump test.
  • Another extremely interesting detail developed by the bump test is the use of serrations for securing parts.
  • In a Rolls-Royce one can venture far from civilization, and have no fears.